Centre for Digital Humanities

CDH training materials

Besides the code of research software, our GitHub contains several repositories of training materials in the Digital Humanities domain.

Quantitative Methods and StatisticsTextbook on Quantitative Methods and Statistics. Also in Dutch.
Basics of StatisticsOne-day course for Humanities researchers.
GephiIntroductory course on network visualization for Humanities.
Programming in PythonEntry level course on the basics of the Python programming language. Special attention is given to best practices in coding, e.g.: writing clean code and documentation.
R for HumanitiesBasics in R syntax, to data handling and visualisation using a set of tools known as the ‘tidyverse’
LaTeXIntroductory workshop for LaTeX aimed at Humanities students and staff.
Data exploration toolkit for cultural dataStructure, clean, visualize, and run a preliminary analysis.
Web scrapingIntroduction into web scraping with Python, with the use of Replit.