Centre for Digital Humanities

Responsible teaching with Generative AI

As generative AI (GenAI) continues to have a significant impact on society, it is crucial for humanities staff and students to address its applications and potential risks in education.

Utrecht University has established the UU guide on Generative AI in Education where you can find guidelines and educational and examination regulations (OER) related the use of GenAI. This comprehensive practical support page offers a step-by-step plan and useful documents for teachers and program coordinators on how to navigate GenAI in the classroom.

GenAI at the Faculty of Humanities

A humanities project team of experts, coordinated by the Centre for Digital Humanities, aims to guide educators in promoting responsible use of AI in the classroom. The team has developed educational material to support teachers in incorporating Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, into their courses responsibly. The material includes two slide decks for both students and teachers, providing background information on Generative AI and guidelines for its responsible deployment. Additionally, a whitepaper offers more in-depth information, assisting educators in making pedagogical choices aligned with course objectives. Find the two slide decks and whitepaper here.

The humanities GenAI project team consists of Renske BouwerKarin van EsRianne van LambalgenJudith ThissenHugo QuenéAntal van den Bosch, and Jan Broersen.

The CDH also regularly organizes workshops and discussions focused on the functionalities and limitations of large language models.