Centre for Digital Humanities


The Centre for Digital Humanities collaborates or maintains a close relationship with the following entities within Utrecht University:

University Library – Digital Humanities Support

Utrecht University Library offers a range of services to support research and education regarding Digital Humanities. They provide tailored advice for students, lecturers and researchers.

Living Lab Digital Humanities

The Living Lab Digital Humanities is a cooperation between the Centre for Digital Humanities and the Utrecht University Library and is situated situated in the University Library City Centre. The Living Lab DH is a physical ‘workplace’ for digital research and education. Researchers, teachers, data experts and software experts can meet, collaborate and exchange knowledge here. All the CDH workshops on location take place in the Living Lab.

DataHub SSH

The DataHub SSH programme is a joint initiative by research theme Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) and the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH), to stimulate the development and deployment of digital research infrastructures. The central goal of the DataHub SSH programme is to develop several technical and knowledge infrastructures to serve the researchers within the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Applied Data Science (Focus Area)

The focus area Applied Data Science brings together a community of researchers within Utrecht university who are interested in developing the field of data science.

Research Data Management Support (RDMS)

RDMS is a multidisciplinary network of data experts within Utrecht University and offers its researchers and research groups the associated training, tools, infrastructure, guidance and support.

Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities (FEtC-H)

This committee monitors the integrity of empirical research involving human subjects by assessing in advance any planned study with participants on criteria concerning informed consent, acceptable burden and risks to participants, and appropriate data management procedures.