Centre for Digital Humanities


CDH Roundtable Lunch Discussion: Generative AI in the Classroom

Event details

24 January 2024
11:00 - 13:00
University Library - Room 0.21
Drift 27, Utrecht, 3512 BR

Join us for a lively roundtable where we will discuss and reflect on our GenAI experiences in the classroom during the first two blocks of this academic year.

As generative AI (GenAI) and chatbots like ChatGPT continue to keeping everyone’s mind busy today, it is crucial for humanities staff and students to address their applications and potential risks in education.

This roundtable discussion is set up to reflect on our GenAI experiences in the classroom. What worked like a charm? What left us scratching our heads? Were there any lightbulb moments? Share your advice with your fellow teachers! In the final part of the session, we will deep dive into the discussion about whether GenAI should play a role in our teaching methods and what you would tell the policy makers at Utrecht University about GenAI in our classrooms.

We allow a maximum of 20 participants for this session, so register early to ensure your spot.


The session will commence at 11:00 hrs, and a complimentary lunch buffet will be provided at 12:15 hrs, offering an opportunity for continued discussion.


Reflect on your own experiences with GenAI prior to the session and consider what insights or experiences you’d like to share.


  • Karin van Es is Associate professor Media & Culture Studies and project lead Data School at Centre for Digital Humanities.
  • Rianne van Lambalgen is Assistant Professor and Program Leader of the BA Liberal Arts and Sciences.