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CDH Hands-on Lecture: Introduction to Data Ethics

Event details

16 November 2023
15:15 - 16:45
Digital Humanities Workspace
Drift 27 (Room 0.32), Utrecht, 3512 BR

* Please note: This lecture has been rescheduled from 19 October to 16 November.*

During this hands-on lecture, Iris Muis, Lead Operations at Data School, will talk about data ethics and the Fundamental Rights and Algorithms Impact Assessment (FRAIA). The lecture will be followed by an interactive assignment that allows you to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology and algorithms have the potential to greatly enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness. However, it is crucial to navigate these advancements carefully, as decisions driven by algorithms can have profound implications for human rights.

To assist organizations in this endeavor, Data School has developed the Fundamental Rights and Algorithm Impact Assessment (FRAIA). This instrument helps to map the risks to human rights in the use of algorithms and to take measures to address these risks. FRAIA creates a dialogue between professionals who are working on the development or deployment of an algorithmic system.

At this moment, it is not yet obligatory to assess risks to human rights when deploying algorithms. However, in light of the upcoming AI Act, it will become mandatory for high-impact algorithms. The AI Act will also apply to universities, and academics will therefore be required to do a Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment (such as FRAIA) when using high-risk algorithms.

For whom

This lecture is intended for university staff and students.


You do not need to bring a laptop for the interactive assignment.

Read more

View and download FRAIA here. Read the interview with Iris Muis on the development of FRAIA and read here how Data School was invited to the European Parliament to talk about FRAIA.

To secure your spot, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that you are unable to attend the workshop, we kindly request that you cancel your registration by sending an email to CDH@uu.nl. This will allow us to offer the vacant spot to another interested participant. Thank you for your cooperation.