Centre for Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Lab

The Utrecht Digital Humanities Lab (DH Lab) promotes the development of digital methods and technologies for research and education in the Faculty of Humanities. The developers of the lab do this by building tailor-made tools and by providing advice on ICT-solutions for a specific research or educational problem.

Requests from the humanities staff (or researchers who have a link to the humanities) can vary from developing a digital tool that supports and enriches a research project, to making a digital demo for research proposals or setting up a website-PHP tool to disclose the results of a research database. The DH Lab has built up an extensive portfolio in recent years. They developed I-Analyzer for example, an online text and data mining application that allows researchers to quickly and easily hook up their dataset. The LiNT tool analyses a text and provides an estimate of the text difficulty. A third example is the PEACE Portal that provides a broad search of Jewish funerary inscriptions from antiquity to the twentieth century.

In order to provide the humanities staff and other interested parties with the best possible advice, the DH Lab offers no-obligation consultations.


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