Centre for Digital Humanities


CDH staff education program spring 2023 – New: workshops on demand

We are proud to present the new Staff Education Program of the Centre for Digital Humanities for January to June 2023. We again offer a diverse program with lectures and hands-on workshops in the field of digital humanities. In addition to the regular program, we now also offer Extra Workshops and Tailor-made Workshops on request. This is to ensure that the education program matches the wishes of the staff within the Faculty of Humanities as closely as possible.

Extra Workshops

We offer this list of 6 extra workshops external link for which we have the in-house experts to teach them. With 4 or more registrations, we will send a joint date picker to the participants. Participants can indicate their level with regard to the workshop so that the workshop can be adapted as well as possible to the level of the group.

Tailor-made Workshops

Do you want to follow a workshop from the regular Staff Education Program or the Extra Workshops, but do you have specific wishes? Do you need a different level or do you want to combine multiple subjects for example? You can then request a tailor-made workshop with your own group – for example your research group – and work on your own material. We offer these tailor-made workshops for 4 people or more.

Attendance to CDH courses and workshops (not the webinars) will be compensated by the Centre for Digital Humanities in terms of DCU (22 hours = 1 DCU). The DCU’s will be automatically settled with your department at the end of each course.