Centre for Digital Humanities


People & Parliament

Key words

  • Digital toolset
  • Text- and datamining
  • Political language in European parliaments

Short description

The People & Parliament project is a state of the art digital toolset designed for text- and datamining and natural language processing.

The political-historical research initiative focuses on the use of political language in the national parliaments of ten different European countries – Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden – from 1760 to the present. The Research Software Lab is developing a toolset aimed at the methodological challenges of this research. In addition to software to be built specifically for this research, the researchers will use the text and exploration tool I-Analyzer, also developed by the lab.

To date, eleven corpora in Western European languages in XML format, have been incorporated into I-Analyzer, and are now available for exploration and downloads of subsets. I-Analyzer has been expanded with:

  • Features for downloadable N-grams
  • Extra visualizations for frequencies
  • Highlight functionality
  • Downloadable lists of fragments
  • Diachronic word models
  • Downloadable word association visualizations
  • Visualizations of cluster results


This project has been running from 2021 to the present and is a collaboration between the CDH Research Software Lab and the University of Jyväskylä (Finland).