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Mind your Manner Adverbials!

Key words

  • Linguistic database
  • Comparative syntax
  • Manner adverbial

Short description

Mind your Manner Adverbials! (MiMA) is a linguistic database housing manner adverbials from over 30 dialects in Dutch, German, Frisian, and Swedish.

This project addresses the question of how ‘manner’ is encoded in human language structures. It specifically examines the grammar of what are know as manner adverbials, as outlined in these phrases: You can drive slowly, think aloud, and wake up happily. This project aims to describe and explain these word groups, and make them accessible through a user-friendly database platform. The MiMA database contains data on the internal structure, word order properties, and context of these manner adverbials. The database is searchable on language/dialect and adverbial construction.


The MiMA database is part of an NWO Open Competition SSH project and runs from 2021 to the present.