Centre for Digital Humanities

Karin van Es

Assistant professor Media & Culture

Focus on Critical Data Studies (and thinking through a media and culture approach to data studies).

For more see: www.karinvanes.net and uu.nl/staff/KFvanEs

Contact: K.F.vanEs@uu.nl

Working on

  • the embedded norms and values of algorithmic systems
  • how computational tools impact knowledge production
  • the role of data, algorithms and AI in production (use of computers in coffee roasting and more recently also personalized Artwork on Netflix).
  • Datawalks: encouraging people to critically reflect on the impact of datafication on everyday life and realizing that data are material and situated

Relevant other positions

  • Management Team Utrecht Data School
  • Co-coordinator (with colleagues from Law) SIG ‘Principles by design’ [Focus Area Governing the Digital Society]
  • Coordinator media track Applied Data Science
  • Mediawijzer.net Scientific Advisory Board


  • coordinator new tracks “Critical Data Studies” & “Media, Data & Maatschappij” (these include courses Data as media, Infrastructures of Digital Cultures, Digital Methods, Rhetorics of Data Visualization, Platformsamenleving, Mediatisering & Dataficering)
  • Teaching:
    • MsC Personalization for (public) media (in Applied Data Science program)
    • RMA Data-Driven Methods and Tools
    • BA Data as Media

Three relevant publications