Centre for Digital Humanities

Hugo Quené

Professor Quantitative Methods in Humanities

Focus on quantitative methods, and speech production and perception

For more see: www.hugoquene.nl and uu.nl/staff/HQuene

Contact: h.quene@uu.nl

Working on

  • statistical modeling (speech data, text data)
  • speech errors and their repairs
  • speech accents, and their accommodation and entrainment

Relevant other positions

  • director of Centre for Digital Humanities, UU
  • chair of Linguistics Chamber of Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee for Humanities, UU
  • member of Open Science Team, Faculty of Humanities, UU
  • Humanities representative in Adviesraad Research IT, UU


  • BA Linguistics (see https://www.hugoquene.nl for details)
  • BA Taal- en Cultuurstudies: Emoties

Three relevant publications