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UU interview: Core team Human Artificial Intelligence

An interview with Dr. Pim Huijnen and Dr. Evelyn Wan has been published on Intranet, the internal website for Utrecht University staff. Together with Dr. Tejaswini Deoskar and Dr. Dominik Klein, Pim and Evelyn make up the core team Human Artificial Intelligence. The interview is part of the series: ‘educational innovation through the eyes of the four core teams’.

The core team Human Artificial Intelligence, from left: Dr. Pim Huijnen, Dr. Tejaswini Deoskar, Dr. Evelyn Wan, and Dr. Dominik Klein.

The article talks about the role of the core team and their ideas about AI in the humanities, on which the team also wrote a position paper. They emphasize the inherent interdisciplinarity of AI and Pim explains their focus on the humane aspect of AI: “in line with our human norms and values, and with a critical humanities view”. Evelyn concludes: “We have to prepare our students for the contemporary context that we live in”.

Read the full interview here (only accessible to Utrecht University staff).