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CDH training days for staff

Glad I now have a little more understanding of the programs, of what they can do and how they work.’

On 17 and 24 June, The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) organized the first two training days for staff in the DH Living Lab. Both courses on the basics of text mining and network analysis were fully booked.

The DH Living Lab was filled with enthusiastic participants on Thursday morning, June 17, when instructor Joris Veerbeek (UDS) started with the introductory course on ‘text mining’. Veerbeek focused specifically on analyzing ‘word frequencies’. By working with a corpus of literary reviews, in which the participants were able to choose their analytical approach, he discussed how to interpret the results of word frequencies.

The follow-up training on June 24 focused on network analysis. In this introductory course participants got started with network analysis using Gephi. They explored how to create a network visualization, how to perform a cluster analysis, and how to interpret and utilize various network statistics.


The CDH is working on a new DH training day programme for staff in the fall of 2021. So if you have any feedback or suggestions about the programme, we would like to hear it so that we can learn from it. Feel free to contact us.

DCU compensation

The Centre for Digital Humanities aims to promote digital literacy amongst staff-members, and therefore compensates attendance to the CDH courses and workshops in terms of DCU (22 hours = 1 DCU). The DCU’s will be automatically settled with your department at the end of each course.


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