Centre for Digital Humanities


Looking for patterns in readers’ reviews of translated books using DIOPTRA-L

What do English readers expect from translated literature? And how about the Dutch? Professor Haidee Kotze and her research team used big data to look for patterns in the way that ordinary readers review translated literature. Together with the Digital Humanities Lab they developed DIOPTRA-L, a corpus with 280.000 reviews of more than 150 books…

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The Digital Humanities Lab develops digital toolset for major European research project ‘People and Parliament’

The Utrecht Digital Humanities Lab will collaborate with the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) on the political-historical research project ‘People and Parliament’. This collaboration between software developers and historians enables groundbreaking research into parliamentary data. ‘People and Parliament’ is an ambitious project. The research focuses on the use of political language in the national parliaments of…

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