Centre for Digital Humanities


Quantitative research design meeting for humanities staff

Event details

28 September 2023
13:00 - 14:00
Digital Humanities Workspace - Room 0.32
Drift 27 (Room 0.32), Utrecht, 3512 BR

Are you a humanities staff member who is grappling with the quantitative component of your research design? Join this quantitative research design meeting, organized and hosted by statistical advisor Kirsten Schutter. These meetings provide a supportive and informal setting for researchers to share their ideas, seek feedback, and engage in discussions with peers.

While textbooks on research methodology outline structured steps for conducting quantitative research and offer textbook examples, the reality of your research may differ significantly, leaving you feeling somewhat uncertain. The purpose of these quantitative design meetings is to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among junior and experienced researchers, along with a statistical expert, to collectively grow wiser.

Grow wiser together

During the meetings, we will address key questions, including:

  • How to formulate a proper research question?
  • Which variables to measure and how to measure them;
  • Choosing between within-subjects or between-subjects designs;
  • Selecting the appropriate statistical model for data analysis.

Sign up as presenter or participant

You have the opportunity to participate as a presenter or as a participant. If you wish to present your quantitative research design or join as a participant, please sign up by emailing k.schutter@uu.nl. Ideally, presenters will be in a phase where they don’t have a finalized research design or have encountered obstacles along the way. Each session will accommodate two presenters and up to 14 other participants.

If you are unable to attend on this particular date, please note that the same meeting is scheduled for 23rd November, 2023, providing an alternative opportunity to participate.