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CDH lecture (hybrid) by Tobias Blanke

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28 November 2024
15:15 - 16:15
Hybrid: Tielezaal & Online

Prof. Tobias Blanke, University Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Humanities at the University of Amsterdam, will deliver a lecture on digital humanities on 28 November 2024 starting at 15:15 hrs. More information about the topic of this lecture will be announced announced shortly. Registrations are already open. If you are interested in joining this lecture either in person or online, please secure your spot by registering below.

At the time of this lecture, prof. Tobias Blanke will have started his new project which is titled: Deep Culture – Living with Difference in the Age of Deep Learning.

Deep learning technologies have taken the worlds of commercial and academic AI by storm. ChatGPT has generated a lot of excitement about our new relations with AI but has also revealed much public anxiety around deep learning. There is too little understanding of the fundamental shift in cultural relations deep learning has brought about.

Blanke’s project coins the term ‘deep culture’ to describe the global transformations that deep learning has wrought on culture and how culture is in turn key to deep learning. Neither overly enthusiastic nor despairing about the new deep culture, the project proposes reshaping our relationships with it to address the complexities of cultures and values of difference.

The project will first explore epistemic translations between deep learning and historical-cultural concepts and practices. Secondly, it will work with deep-learning methods to address their limitations for critical analysis. Finally, it aims to produce diverse public understandings of deep learning’s global relations to culture.

This project is funded by the prestigious Advanced Grants program of the European Research Council (ERC). The grants, which amount to 2.5 million euros per project, are awarded on the basis of the proven scientific excellence of the academics and their research proposals.


Tobias Blanke is University Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Humanities at the University of Amsterdam and the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation. He is also affiliated with King’s College London as Professor of Social and Cultural Informatics. His academic background is in computer science and political philosophy.

Tobias’ principal research interests lie in artificial intelligence and big data devices for research, particularly in the human sciences. He has also published extensively on ethical questions of Artificial Intelligence such as predictive policing and algorithmic otherings, as well as critical digital practices, and the critique of digital platforms. You can find more information about prof. Tobias Blanke and his most recent projects and publications on his website.


No prior knowledge of or experience with digital humanities will be required. The lecture will be in English.

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This lecture is open to all those interested in joining either in person or online.


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