Centre for Digital Humanities


Many of the courses listed here have their entry requirements and/or required entry levels. Please verify whether you meet those requirements, and whether priority rules of enrolment apply.

Course codeCourseTeaching period
GKRMV20005Kun-Digital Perspectives1
TLRMV16106Tlc-Digital Methods in Linguistics1
MCMV16045Mec-The Datafied Society2
MCRMV16005Muz-Digital Musicology2
MCRMV16039Mec-Data-Driven Research & Digital Tools2
FRRMV16017Phi-Digital Ethics3
MCRMV16007Muz-Digital Music Cultures3
MCRMV16021Vro-Digital Humanities RMA Gender3
TLMV16408Tlc-Data-analyse en datavisualisatie3
TLRMV16108Tlc-Experimental Design & Data Analysis3
TLRMV16202Tlc-Distant Reading3
WBMV13005Phi-Logic and Computation3
GKRMV18004Ges-Quantitative Methods for History4
MCRMV16009Muz-Computational Musicology4
TLRMV19109Tlc-Aspects of word meaning4

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